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Important Announcement

June 9,2002

AmiTrix is pleased to announce, in conjunction with Yvon Rozijn,
the release of AWeb under the AWeb Public License Version 1.0

AmiTrix wants AWeb to survive and we think opening the source
will ensure that it does.

We hope the Amiga community will embrace AWeb, improve and expand it.

Yvon Rozijn will be making source code available on his web site

We would like to thank our customers for supporting AWeb for these many years.

We would like to especially thank:
Yvon Rozijn for writing AWeb, the best Amiga browser.
Gabriele Favrin for HTTX, Beta Testing and a constant motivating
force for all of us, Paul Kolenbrander
Haage & Partner  for including AWeb as part of the revitalization of the Amiga OS.
Bill Parker for AWNPipe: and all the things it made possible as well
as his superhuman effort support to the AWeb community.
Dale Currie for making the AmiTrix release of AWeb possible.
Finale Development and Christopher Aldi for Class Act/Reaction.
Craig Makarowski, Andy Buist, Brant Coghlan and the rest of the gang
at AmiTrix for all their contributions in support of AWeb.

Additional thanks go to:
AWeb Beta Testers for tracking down bugs and helping us squash them.
The AWeb Translation Organization for translations into various languages.
Plugin Authors.
All the members of the AWeb Mailing List.
Amiga Inc.
All those who contributed to AWeb over the years.

We hope, with the participation of the AWeb community,
AWeb will flourish under the new licensing arrangement.


* AWeb-II - Full-featured World Wide Web browser

* Amiga-Link ­ a floppy port network adaptor for all Amigas

* SCSI-TV ­ a SCSI interface for the Amiga« A570 and CDTV

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Press Releases

Feb 12, 2002 - Aweb-II, v3.3SE CDrom soon available includes patches

December 15, 2000 - AWeb-II, v3.4SE included with new OS3.9 release!

March 3, 2000 - AmiTrix is now shiping new AWeb-II v3.3 packages and v3.3SE Upgrades for OS3.5!

November 2, 1998 - AmiTrix Development is now providing AWeb-II, v3.2

September 4, 1998 - AWeb-II, v3.2 patch update for v3.x now available

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AWeb is Copyrightę 1996-2001 by Yvon Rozjin. The AWeb-II software compilation is Copyrightę 1996-2001 by AmiTrix Development Inc.
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