What some of our Customers and the Reviewers have to say about AWeb

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“I remember the waiting period as the first Aweb1 was being readied, that was when we only had one browser, and slow at that. There was REAL excitement in the Amiga news groups. Now I have Aweb3.4 and this is the third free upgrade to my 2nd. Aweb purchase. This new Aweb v3.4 upgrade assures Amitrix of a well earned reputation as being “die-hard” Amiga supporters, makers of good and stable Internet software for the Amiga and all-round nice guys. Amitrix is also assured of my support and I will happily pay for the next major upgrade.

Aweb3.4 is stable, slickly fast, versatile and full of little extras that give one the edge when browsing. Now I’m off to do the AmiSSL install…

Thanks Amitrix team!”

Michael Wilkins


I’d like to again thank Yvon etc. for the work on these- the new plugins are great- fast, stable, and much more pleasant to use for browsing. As well as creating the Amiga’s best & most improving browser!!! (just downloaded MiamiSSL, so now I can do everything but Java 🙂 who needs a PC?)

Colin Gould


Just a quick note to tell you all how happy I am with my Aweb and its new animated gif plugin. The browser was my favorite before the plugin, but now it is even better. And Javascript! Way cool.

Scott C. Williams


Hi, just wanted you to know that AWeb is, IMO, by far the best browser. I am currently having to use, horrors, Wintel machines with Netscape or even worse, Internet Explorer. Obviously I miss my Amiga, true multitasking, etc., but these two major browsers are not only memory hungry (8MB and up?), but run, load and display slowly (and I’m on a direct link to the Internet!). I just couldn’t help popping over and giving you some positive feedback. (And you haven’t even heard about my e-mail woes–I miss YAM!) Keep the good programming going!

-=- Tim


It all works flawlessly now, and BOY IS IT GREAT! I remember thinking things like “A popup menu for the images would be fine…” and “I want tables,” and “Graphic printing is essential.” THEY ARE ALL THERE, and LOTS more!

Uwe S.V. Kubosch


Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

I downloaded the AWeb 2.1 patch and installed it the other night and I’m truely impressed!

Please pass this message of thanks on to the authors of AWeb as they deserve it for continuing to support the Amiga with fine software like this.

I can hardly wait for the next release!

Geoff Seeley


Although there are features of Netscape I’d like Aweb to be compatable with, Aweb is definitely a more friendly and responsive browser. Non Amiga users frequently comment how surprised they are at Aweb’s quality, configurability and fat feature list.

Michael Trageser


Review Comments: I like the speed of “AWeb”. – The program received a rating of 89% and the “recommendation of the editors” award in our October 96 issue of “Amiga Plus”

Hartmut Schumacher, “Amiga Plus” magazine

Amiga Computing, December 96 issue, Overall rating of 89%.

Amiga User International, January 97 issue, rating of 95%.