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AmiTrix is now shipping new AWeb-II v3.3 packages and v3.3SE Upgrades for OS3.5!

March 3, 2000.

Note: - The v3.3 update patch is available free to existing v3.x customers from our website, shipping copies are now v3.3 also. Check for new plugin and macro updates regularly put up on our AWeb page. OS3.5 users may upgrade the SE version of AWeb at reduced cost with the v3.3SE Upgrade package. See our AWeb page for more info.

Some of the features of AWeb-II v3.3 are:

  • Supports HTML 2.0 thru 4.0 features, 3 selectable HTML mode settings to allow maximum flexibility in handling buggy/non-standard code.
  • Full support for Frames/Tables with backgrounds, page history window, Spoof-As and Spamblock options. Multiple main windows and network transfer connections.
  • ClassAct GUI provided with AWeb. Now also compatible with OS3.5 ReAction.
  • New full screen mode hides the AWeb toolbar for a larger viewing window.
  • Enhanced JavaScript 1.1 support with debugger and standalone CLI interpreter. New option to turn off JS error reporting.
  • Added support for MiamiSSL secure transfer, login & proxy authorizations. Edit function window for authorization file.
  • More versatile cookie protection and a cookie alert requester. Cookie save file is now in readable form.
  • Internal support for FTP file downloads, server push and client pull. New passive FTP option for better operation through firewalls.
  • Basic internal MailTo and News reader functions, support for external Mail/News/Telnet programs.
  • A public plugin interface. Plugin modules can do their rendering directly in the AWeb browser window. The API (Application Program Interface) is available as a separate archive, contact Yvon Rozijn for further information. This provides support for animation and progressive image display, with a new addition that allows pre-processing of files prior to display.
  • New internal awebplugin image display modules for GIF, JFIF, and PNG images with progressive/anim and scaling support. Complete datatype support with expanded MIME type settings for all ouput direction, including direct and piped output to external programs.
  • Standalone images are now shown in the AWeb window, or can use an optional external image viewer. Support for client side maps, floating images, centering, borders and icons.
  • Full disk Cache, enhanced cache Browser with find functions and able to delete multiple file entries. Automatic memory cache for currently displayed pages with adjustable settings to control memory and disk space usage. Fixcache function for cleanup of bad files.
  • Greatly enhanced and expanded ARexx command set, ARexx macro menu.
  • Now with Clipboard support, added Control Menu items, including copy block, drag-select text from a page and cut & paste to the URL field.
  • Fully configurable user buttons can be added below the existing AWeb toolbar, scrollable for a row longer than screen width. AWebs GUI buttons and transfer anim are replaceable with some alternates provided or you can custom make your own.
  • AWebs navigation buttons, main menus, and keyboard shortcuts are now fully configurable.
  • The Frame, Image and Link popup menues are now fully configurable.
  • Powerful hotlist manager with dual windows, Add/Delete, In/Out/Move, and Sort/Find functions.
  • A new Info window with HTTP transfer headers, meta information and current documents links. New Template popup menu on the URL field.
  • Network status window shows file transfer status, allows cancelations and now shows CPS rate.
  • Multi-page Graphics dump printing of displayed webpage. HTML to text conversion with preview, save, or printing via the HTTX plugin.
  • New option to save displayed page as an IFF image.
  • Extensive Locale language support, translations for most languages are included or available from our website.
  • The page Search function now highlights the text found, new docs search function, network auto-search fuction via the URL field.
  • Separate AWeb GUI palette, full color support for grapics cards and improved greyscale palette for alternate image display on ECS.
  • Edit or show the HTML source code with automatic page display update.
  • Settings Menu with 5 separate windows for extensive configuration.
  • New option to suppress advertising popup windows, AppWindow and Iconify functions.
  • The No-proxy, No-cookie, and Do-not-cache lists are now sorted and support pattern matching.
  • ...and many, many other things, including...
  • Play16 sound player provided for background sounds and external sound files.
  • Updates to HTTX, AWebNews, Modes, AutoSearch ARexx plugins. Additional new ARexx plugins/button scripts - Floating ToolBar, CacheControl, DropZone.
  • A number of ARexx macros for user button & popup menu scripts as well as utility functions. These can also be found on our website.


1-2MB chip ram, 2-4MB+ fast ram, hard drive, Workbench 3.x, and a TCP/IP software package such as Miami, AmiTCP or INet.

Dealer and Customer inquiries welcomed! For more information, ordering AmiTrix products or dealer locations, contact us at:

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Email: (Preferred, no phone orders please!)

Phone or Fax: 1+ 780-929-8459

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