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AWeb-II, v3.4SE included with new OS3.9 release!

December 15, 2000

AmiTrix is pleased to announce that a new version of AWeb-II has again been chosen as a featured addition to the latest Amiga OS3.9 operating system package. The v3.4SE Special Edition included with OS3.9 is a limited copy in which some functions have been disabled, however, it can be upgraded to a full version with a reduced cost upgrade package in the same manner as with the OS3.5 packages. These are available from many dealers or by direct order.

OS3.9 customers please note that the additional language catalogs for AWeb 3.4SE that were not included on the initial OS3.9 CDs are now available in a separate archive on our AWeb page.

For customers that already own a full v3.x or v3.3SE copy of AWeb-II, there is an update patch to v3.4 available from our AWeb page (see below). If your original v3.x disk version is lower than v3.3, you MUST have applied the previous update patches to it to bring it up to v3.3 before the v3.4 update can be applied.


The v3.4 patch is a free update available to v3.x customers from our website! Shipping copies are still v3.3, so you will have to download and apply this update to new v3.3 full version packages or v3.3SE full upgrades.

Also, check occasionally for new plugin and macro updates regularly put up on our AWeb page. The new and updated plugins for v3.4 are undergoing final testing and documentation, they will be available from the AWeb page as soon as this is completed.

Some of the new features of AWeb-II v3.4 are:

  • A new JavaScript mode setting similar to the HTML mode selector to allow maximum flexibility in handling JavaScript code.
  • Added a new browser option to warn for suspect JavaScripts that have endless loops which eat all memory.
  • Now optionally displays a hand pointer when over links and made all special pointer images changeable by the user.
  • Added support for the AmiSSL secure transfer library.
  • More ARexx commands and added startup and shutdown ARexx scripts.
  • Cycle-type form fields have been replaced with popup-type lists and all popup menus are now shown in the screens menu colors.
  • Added support in GUI key settings for wheel-mouse up and down.
  • A new graphic print engine is now a separate aweblib module that solves the partial printout on some printers and adds a new layout width option to the requester.
  • New popup tooltip help bubble option to show ALT image text when the mouse pointer hovers over an image.
  • Added more preset choices to network options for Spoof-ID and a reminder for the user.
  • The Hotlist manager has a new option to sort by date.
  • Added "Copy URL to Clipboard" button to unknown/incomplete requesters and a new option to center requesters onscreen.
  • Now supports tag for improved layout if the requested fonts are available.
  • Un-solicited windows are no longer activated if the current active window is not AWebs.
  • A new network option to allow or prevent loading of images from a different host than the document in which they appear.

  • In addition to the above:

  • More than 50 changes made to improve HTML handling, browser and network operation, documentation, and to fix known and reported bugs.
  • Over 20 changes to improve, expand, or correct JavaScript handling.
  • Updates to the GIF image plugin; HTTX, ToolBar, and AWebModes ARexx plugins; and the AWNPipe handler and CA/RA development system.
  • New Dictionary/Thesaurus and Speak/Say ARexx plugins.
  • And more............ ;-)


1-2MB Chip Ram, 4-6MB+ Fast Ram, a Hard Drive with 5MB for program space and 10MB+ for disk cache space, Amiga OS3.x, and a TCP/IP software package such as Miami, AmiTCP or INet. Note that an external mail program will also be required to receive incoming email.


Phone or Fax: 1+ 780-929-8459

Please note that the above phone line is not monitored on a regular basis. Faxes are forwarded automatically, but phone messages are not. For a prompt reply, please contact us via email.

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