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AWeb-II, v3.2 patch update for v3.x now available

September 4, 1998

An update for versions 3.0 to 3.1 of AWeb is now available from our website as a patch archive for download by all 3.x owners. You must have installed AWeb-II version 3.0, 3.0b, or 3.1 previously before you can install this new patch. There is no charge for current v3.x customers.

The update link will send you a small ARexx script that will help determine which of the AWeb v3.2 patch files is required to upgrade your existing installed version of AWeb. The actual patch files are not visible directly.

Expand the archive containing the ARexx script to your hard drive (not to RAM:), and start it from within AWeb using the Start ARexx Macro command under the ARexx menu.

You will need your original AWeb 3.x disks.

NOTE: You must run the script while you are online, and it will give you a link to the correct file to download from our website.

AWeb v3.1 provided JavaScript, internal mail and news, and MiamiSSL support. It also included new popup menus, internal GIF, JFIF, and PNG awebplugins for progressive/animation display, Spambloc and Spoofas options, and many other other new features. Check our website for additional/updated plugins.

New in this version (compared with AWeb 3.1)

  • Fixed bugs:
    • Lockups when a window opened while user was scrolling the window.
    • Fixed a few JavaScript incompatibilities.
    • Some forms (especially with file-upload) didn't work.
    • Sometimes cookies weren't set.
    • Proxy wasn't used for secure connections.
    • ... and more.
  • Browser windows are now AppWindows.
  • Added iconify option.
  • Added warning requesters when SSL connection or certificate verification fails.
  • Spoofing will now take effect in JavaScript too.
  • ... and more.

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