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Direct Mail Order Price List

Jan 2006

Prices subject to change without notice.
Canadian customers only, add 7% GST to all orders.

AmiTrix Development
Product Description                                       CAN $
___________________                                     _______

    (NEW price Reduction on SCSI-TVs)

SCSI-TV HD controller for CDTV, for external drives     $100.00

SCSI-TV HD controller for CDTV with 2.5" Drive Adapter  $110.00

SCSI-TV570 HD controller for A570, for external drives  $100.00

SCSI-TV570 HD controller for A570  with 2.5" Adapter    $115.00

AM33C93A-16PC SCSI controller for 3000/2091/HC+8        $ 25.00

DB23 solder-type connector

- male, female, or chrome hood - each                   $  1.25

Shipping Costs: (most boxed items under 1 Kg)

First Class Mail: within Canada                         $ 10.00

                  within USA                            $ 15.00

                  International                         $ 17.00

Shipping: (for small bubble-packet items)

                  within Canada & USA                   $  5.00

                  International                         $  7.00

Resident Canadian customers, please add 7% GST to all orders, including the shipping charge.

Orders should include a Bank Draft/Money Order or Postal MO, payable to AmiTrix Development in CAN or US dollars. VISA orders now also accepted.

VISA orders require a FAX or Postal mail with card details and signature for verification. Please do not send them via email or phone. Shipping costs may vary for quantity orders/alternative method of shipment.

Last updated May 22, 2005.

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