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SCSI-TV Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. SCSI-TV General Information
  2. SCSI-TV Specifications
  3. Hard Drives
  4. Other SCSI devices
  5. Software
  6. Miscellaneous
  7. Installation Procedure Questions
  8. Warrantee, repair, return
  9. Hard Disk Manufacturer Contacts
  10. Pricing & Shipping Information

General Information

Amitrix Development is proud to introduce SCSI-TV, a SCSI controller for the Commodore CDTV and A570 CD-ROM drive for the Amiga 500. This versatile interface allows the CDTV to connect to virtually any SCSI device.

SCSI-TV installs easily in the expansion port accessible at the rear of the CDTV or A570, without opening the case. A 2.5 inch Quantum GO drive may be mounted on the SCSI-TV circuit board and an external connector can connect to hard drives, scanners, and tape backups, to a total of seven devices.

SCSI-TV supports the Amiga AUTOCONFIG(TM) standard, providing autobooting capability with Rigid Disk Block support, as well as the SCSI-direct protocol allowing many backup programs to use SCSI tape drives. True DMA allows for fast data transfer rates and low CPU overhead. Full technical support is available to purchasers directly from Amitrix.

Each SCSI-TV comes complete with licensed versions of Commodore's HDToolBox and Workbench(TM) version 1.3. A provided adapter kit mounts and provides power for a 2.5 inch drive on the SCSI-TV circuit board.

SCSI-TV and SCSI-TV/570 Specifications

Hard Drives

Other SCSI devices



(in roughly alphabetical order by keyword)

Installation Procedure Questions

(See the manual)

Warrantee, repair, return

Hard Drive Manufacturer Contacts

  Technical Support 1-800-826-2022 (U.S. and Canada)
  Fax Back          1-800-434-7532 (U.S. and Canada) [1-800-4DISKFAX]
  Info              1-800-624-5545 (U.S. and Canada)
  Customer Support   (408)894-4000
    Fax              (408)894-3212
  BBS                (408)894-3214
  Product Returns   1-800-345-3377 in U.S. (VARs)
                    1-800-826-8022 in U.S. (End User)
                     (416)338-3044 in Canada (C.N.S. Canada Inc.) or
                     (416)660-4936 in Canada (Memofix Computer Services)

  (The following Quantum numbers may be out of date)

  Technical Support 1-800-626-7922 (Not working in Canada)
  Technical Support 1-800-367-1984
  Returns           1-800-553-7302
  Customer Service   (408)432-1100

  Technical Support 1-800-356-5333
  MaxFaxBack         (303)678-2618
    (Touchtone selection of specs faxed back 24hrs/day)

  TechFax           1-408-433-3340

  Voice+TechFax     1-714-455-0407
    (operator-assisted transfer to techfax mailbox)

Pricing & Shipping Information

Last updated December 16, 1996.