SCSI-TV Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. SCSI-TV General Information
  2. SCSI-TV Specifications
  3. Hard Drives
  4. Other SCSI devices
  5. Software
  6. Miscellaneous
  7. Installation Procedure Questions
  8. Warrantee, repair, return
  9. Hard Disk Manufacturer Contacts
  10. Pricing & Shipping Information

General Information

Amitrix Development is proud to introduce SCSI-TV, a SCSI controller for the Commodore CDTV and A570 CD-ROM drive for the Amiga 500. This versatile interface allows the CDTV to connect to virtually any SCSI device.

SCSI-TV installs easily in the expansion port accessible at the rear of the CDTV or A570, without opening the case. A 2.5 inch Quantum GO drive may be mounted on the SCSI-TV circuit board and an external connector can connect to hard drives, scanners, and tape backups, to a total of seven devices.

SCSI-TV supports the Amiga AUTOCONFIG(TM) standard, providing autobooting capability with Rigid Disk Block support, as well as the SCSI-direct protocol allowing many backup programs to use SCSI tape drives. True DMA allows for fast data transfer rates and low CPU overhead. Full technical support is available to purchasers directly from Amitrix.

Each SCSI-TV comes complete with licensed versions of Commodore’s HDToolBox and Workbench(TM) version 1.3. A provided adapter kit mounts and provides power for a 2.5 inch drive on the SCSI-TV circuit board.

SCSI-TV and SCSI-TV/570 Specifications

  • Dimensions

Width 3.1 inches

Length 6.25 inches

SCSI-TV for the CDTV protrudes 1.75 inches out the back of the CDTV, and includes a black endcap for the unit.

SCSI-TV/570 for the A570 extends approximately 5 inches out the back of the A570, and includes a white end cap for the unit to match the A570.

  • Weight

The shipping weight is approximately 1 pound or 0.5 kg.

The board itself is only a few ounces.

  • Power consumption

SCSI-TV alone draws about 12 milliamps, a GO-drive will draw a maximum of about one Amp on startup and about half that during operation.

Typical for Quantum 2.5″ GO-drive:

Idle       1.65 Watts (0.33 Amps)     Running    2.20 Watts (0.44 Amps)     Spinup     5.50 Watts (0.90 Amps)

  • Availability – When can you send one to me?

In stock.

  • Connectors, types

SCSI-TV provides 50-pin internal and 25-pin external connectors.

The internal connector is a 2mm connector after passing through a 0.1 inch IDC header.

The external connector is a standard female DB-25.

  • Other recommended hardware

For the CDTV, we recommend Commodore’s “Pro-Pack”, which contains a keyboard, mouse and external floppy drive. This used to be available, but they are hard to find now.

  • Where is the serial number on SCSI-TV?

It should be in the middle of the side of the board that doesn’t have any components. If you’ve mounted a hard drive on the board, it’ll be under the drive.

Hard Drives

  • Recommended 2.5″ drives

Any Quantum GO drive or Quantum Daytona drive.

  • 3.5″ drive support

Only in an external case with it’s own power supply.

  • How big a hard drive can I put on it?

As big as you want in the 2.5″ form factor, the largest internal hard drives currently available are the Quantum Daytona 514 MB drives.

  • Where does the hard drive go? Drive orientation?

2.5″ drives can be mounted internally, and external devices can be plugging into a 25-pin connector on the back.

On the SCSI-TV for the CDTV, the drive mounts upside-down with the connector toward the rear of the SCSI-TV.

On the SCSI-TV/570 for the A570, the drive mounts right-side-up with the connector toward the rear of the SCSI-TV/570.

  • Do you sell hard drives?

Yes, but only within Canada, due to warranty considerations. Because of the volatility of the market, contact us for current pricing.

  • Can the internal drive be powered by the CDTV or A570?

Yes, if you are using a 2.5″ hard drive.

  • How do you connect power to the internal hard drive?

The adaptor kit provides a simple plug-in connector for powering the 2.5″ drive.

  • Cost for external hard drive setup

Approximately $100 to $200 for a case with power supply, plus the cost of the hard drive, plus the cost of the SCSI-TV.

Other SCSI devices

  • Tape drives

Buy a tape drive that is recommended by your backup software. We have tested ARCHIVE and TEAC tape drives using “AmiBack” backup software.

  • External hard drives

Should work with any SCSI hard drive.

  • Devices we’ve actually tested
    • Quantum 2.5″ Go Drive – Model 80S
    • Quantum 2.5″ GLS 170S
    • Quantum 3.5″ Models 105S and 40S
    • Syquest 44 and 88M removable drives
    • TEAC 600 Meg tape drive
    • Archive/Viper 2150S tape drive


  • What software is included?

We include licensed versions of Commodore’s Workbench V1.3.3 and Commodore’s HDToolBox hard disk utility.

  • Do you supply software on CD-ROM?

Not at this time.

  • What software can I use to prep my hard drive?

You can use HDToolBox, which is included.

  • Can you supply or recommend any backup software?

We do not include any backup software, but we can recommend AmiBack version 2.0. (See your dealer.)

  • Other recommended software

As this is a hard disk controller, we can only recommend hard drive backup software. Our current recommendation for that type of software is AmiBack version 2.0.


(in roughly alphabetical order by keyword)

  • A2091 – Does the CDTV or A570 already have a 2091 hard disk controller?
    (see also scsi)

No, the CDTV and A570 do not have a hard disk controller. Some of the parts that Commodore uses to control the CD-ROM drive are the same parts as in the 2091 [DMAC], so system information programs think they’re seeing a 2091. However, these parts aren’t enough for a SCSI interface, SCSI-TV provides the ‘missing’ components.

  • A570 – SCSI-TV compatibility with the A570

There is a version of the SCSI-TV for the A570, called the SCSI-TV/570, which is basically a re-working of the case to fit and color-match the A570.

  • accellerators, adspeed
    As far as we know, AdSpeed should work, but you may not be able to use the CD-ROM drive while running at 14 Mhz. Some software objects to the AdSpeeds caches. As far as SCSI-TV on a CDTV is concerned, as it works fine with a 68030 Derringer, so it should work with the AdSpeed.
  • adapter – What’s this “adapter” thing?

It’s used to connect a 2.5″ drive to the internal 50-pin connector on the board.

  • address – SCSI address, can I change the SCSI address?

The SCSI-TV is address 7. The address cannot be changed.

  • address, harddrive – Can I change the SCSI address of the internal HD?

Yes, see the documentation on the SCSI-TV disk, or in your drive’s documentation

  • audio, cd – Can I still play my audio CD’s?

Yes, just flip the Enable/Disable switch on the back of the SCSI-TV to DISABLE and reset the CDTV or A500. You can also use the CDTV-Player program included on the Install disks to play audio CD’s from the Workbench.

  • boot – boot priority
    (see also audio)

SCSI-TV’s boot priority is 0, so it will boot after a floppy or CD-ROM disk, and before an audio CD.

  • cable – What cable should I use for an external drive?

Any properly shielded SCSI cable should be suitable. This will normally be a DB-25 Male on the SCSI-TV end, probably to a 50-pin Centronics Male on the other end but that will depend on the external device.

SCSI cables and modem cables are NOT the same, you need a shielded SCSI cable.

  • cable – How long can my SCSI cable be?

External; as short as possible, total length of chained devices should probably not exceed 15 feet.
Internal; we supply the adaptor, and there isn’t room in there for more than a couple of inches of cable.

  • connector – DB-25 pinout
  • contents – What’s in the box? Contents, missing parts
    • SCSI-TV in anti-static bag
    • Manual
    • Product registration card
    • Single-page flyer
    • Two long screws (M3 x 50mm) for mounting the endcap
    • Two disks in a sealed envelope, containing Workbench and HDToolBox.
    • Adapter kit, connected to 50 pin header on SCSI-TV.
    • Four short screws (M3 x 6mm) for mounting a hard drive
  • data transfer rate, how fast is it

Our benchmarks with a Quantum GO Drive indicate transfer rates of slightly greater than one megabyte per second.

  • disable SCSI-TV, using the CDTV/A570 audio player

disabling SCSI-TV will also disable the CD-ROM, freeing up some extra memory. The machine will boot from a floppy quite happily with the disable switch on, and returns 138,192 bytes more RAM with the Workbench up.

  • memory – Can you put memory on the board?

SCSI-TV does not provide any memory expansion.

  • memory – Do we sell memory for the CDTV or A570?

Not at this time.

  • networking, parnet

The SCSI adapter cannot be used for networking. For that you have to use another network device. AmiTrix recommends Parnet, or the AmigaLink floppy-port network (which we are distributors of).

  • scsi – Is it SCSI-II compatible?

It is not a SCSI-II controller, although the controller chip does support some SCSI-II commands for software that can make use of them.
However, SCSI-II drives can still be used with the SCSI-TV, although they will not benefit from SCSI-II FAST speeds.

  • scsi – Is the SCSI interface a 2091 type?
    (see also 2091)

They are similar. SCSI-TV supports the same devices as the 2091.

  • scsi, cd-rom – SCSI port and CD-ROM

The SCSI port and the CD-ROM are independant. The CD-ROM is not SCSI-compatible and cannot be accessed through the SCSI port.

  • tech support – When can I call to talk to a tech

Leave a message, and we’ll call you back.

  • terminator packs – where are they? should I remove them? What the heck are they, anyway?

The terminator packs on the SCSI-TV are permanently mounted to the board, you should not remove them. SCSI-TV is designed to be on of one end the SCSI bus, so you won’t have to change anything.

You should have terminator packs on the first and last physical devices on the SCSI bus, this has nothing to do with “SCSI addresses” or “unit numbers”.

Installation Procedure Questions

(See the manual)

  • Installation, Enable/Disable Switch

The switch does not need to be removed during installation.

Warrantee, repair, return

  • How long is the warrantee?

1 year from the purchase date (please include a copy of your receipt) for registered owners.

  • Warrantee, repair, cost, charge

We charge a flat rate of $50 for out-of-warrantee repairs, we will pay return shipping. The customer is responsible for shipping to us.

If the unit is still under warrantee but you haven’t returned the registration card, you can return the unit, a copy of your sales receipt, and the completed registration card and we will register you by clicking here.

Hard Drive Manufacturer Contacts

Quantum:  Technical Support 1-800-826-2022 (U.S. and Canada)  Fax Back          1-800-434-7532 (U.S. and Canada) [1-800-4DISKFAX]  Info              1-800-624-5545 (U.S. and Canada)  Customer Support   (408)894-4000    Fax              (408)894-3212  BBS                (408)894-3214  Product Returns   1-800-345-3377 in U.S. (VARs)                    1-800-826-8022 in U.S. (End User)                     (416)338-3044 in Canada (C.N.S. Canada Inc.) or                     (416)660-4936 in Canada (Memofix Computer Services)   (The following Quantum numbers may be out of date)   Technical Support 1-800-626-7922 (Not working in Canada)  Technical Support 1-800-367-1984  Returns           1-800-553-7302  Customer Service   (408)432-1100  Maxtor:  Technical Support 1-800-356-5333  MaxFaxBack         (303)678-2618    (Touchtone selection of specs faxed back 24hrs/day) Conner:  TechFax           1-408-433-3340 Toshiba:  Voice+TechFax     1-714-455-0407    (operator-assisted transfer to techfax mailbox)

Pricing & Shipping Information

  • Pricing

Please see our price list. Dealer pricing is available on request.

  • Shipping Method

Shipping is by First Class Parcel Post, any requests for courier service will be sent collect.

  • Payment methods

At this time, we can accept only Canadian or US dollar money orders, certified cheques, or (in Canada) personal cheques. For personal cheques, we will ship after the cheque clears.

  • COD

We only accept C.O.D. orders within Canada.

  • Credit cards

We do not at this time accept credit card orders

  • Where can I get SCSI-TV?

Directly from us or through your local dealer. Safe Harbor also carries SCSI-TV and SCSI-TV/570.

Last updated December 16, 1996.