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Best Slot Games for Android Users

There are five best Android slot games that you should try for those of you who like to play games to fill your spare time. Slot games are probably the most accessible casino games in the world. Slot games are very easy to play, easy to understand, and don’t require as much thought or strategy as most general games. You only need to turn the lever almost all because of luck.

Best Slot Games for Android

1. Hit it Rich Free Casino Slots

Hit It Rich

The first best slot game is Hit it Rich Free Casino Slots. In this slot game, you will find a variety of different themes that you can choose freely. Available themes such as Wizard of Oz, The Terminator, Duck Dynasty, Sex, and the City, and many other themes. Plus, you can connect to Facebook and send friends gifts like a regular Zynga game.

2. Players Paradise Casino Slots

Game Players Paradise has many options you can choose to play. This game has more unique names such as Legends of Egypt, Dragon Lines, Winning Wolf, and Thunder Cash. In total, there are two dozen slot games that you can play if you are feeling bored. Each game has its own unique theme and experience.

As with other games, there are other themed casino games designed to help you earn free credits so you can turn more levers.

3. Slots by Big Win Casino

Slots by Big Win Casino is one of the well-known slot games and has many options for players. There are more than 20 slot machines you can possibly choose in this game where players can try to play each slot.

The game’s developers have also promised that four additional slot machines will be added every month. This game has strange features, but it is fun to play and has a feature to play automatically.

4. Slots – Magic Wonderland

Magic in Worderland Slot

The next game is Slot – Magic Wonderland, which has many unique themes. There are more than 40 themed slot machines that you can enjoy, including seasonal and holiday themes. Unlike other common slot games, this game is actually can be played offline, so those without an internet connection can still enjoy it.

5. Samurai Casino

The last slot game is Samurai Casino. As the name implies, the theme of this game is about samurai in Japan. The features contained in this game are princess slots and dragon slots, so there are many variants like oriental slots theme.

For those of you who want something more than just a slot game, Samurai Casino offers video poker and blackjack for a full-featured casino experience.

Those are five slot games that can be played via Android. In the next article, maybe we will discuss about online gambling games specifically for iPhone users. Therefore, stay the first to update our interesting articles by signing up for our newsletter. Also, give your comments in the comments column about what gambling games you want to know so we can immediately review it!