How to Win Fish Hunter Gambling Arcade Games

Winning fish hunter online gambling is part of a habit that is needed for a good win. One process that can provide that advantage is how to best take advantage of existing weapons. Well, just understand a little that the odds of small fish can be 2, while for one shot, you need 500 rupiahs, for example. By shooting one small fish, you can get 500 rupiahs as a win. That way, this fish shooting gambling is very profitable. So how do you win?

Online Gambling Fish Hunter is Easy to Win

how to win fish hunter gambling

This fish shooting gambling game really refers to a simple game. Where each player can create their own victory in a better and easier way. In this case, you can get the best wins as long as you follow the rules and use the best weapons according to their functions’ standardization.

Nowadays, many nonsense people emphasize killing fish in the game more quickly. It is very effective to use high weapons to kill small fish. While the odds that are obtained are far less, it is not according to their function. Well, the basis of the game is to shoot the target to death. Therefore, the methods below will guarantee an even bigger win:


Logically, online gameplay can produce high results if profits can be obtained faster. One of the things that can make you lucky is none other than understanding the rules. The rules of this game will make your winnings easier to claim quickly.


You should understand gambling sites as a place that pays your winnings. What is clear is that wins are easy to get, so a place to play should be able to get you paid enough. Therefore, do not let you feel the victory but not being paid. Well, the most appropriate online game site to play is only on a trusted website like CityClubCasino because they are already known for their reliability and high winning rate.


There are weapons with one shot out of one bullet and do not do too much damage. That means the weapon is intended only for small fish at odds 2. Whereas a weapon with continuous fire but does not lock the target, it is a weapon with the aim of killing medium fish. And to be sure, these big fish produce higher odds than small fish. But it also requires a greater expenditure. As for weapons with locking shots, they might be intended to kill big fish with a jackpot prize, so it could be the best choice for you to enjoy winning with a jackpot bonus.


Winning is easy, but skill in playing must also be maintained. And to make the skills stable and then give consistent results. So it takes a routine to play every day. That way, everyone will have a higher chance of winning than the others.


how to win fish hunter gambling

In accordance with the gambling that you expect and can be played in player vs. player form, then you must also have a daily winning target. That way, you can realize your mistakes and shortcomings in playing against players. So that this daily win-lose target will keep you safe from bankruptcy. And ensure discipline in starting the game!

By relying on a few tricks to win online gambling shooting fish, you can get high profits with a much smaller capital. That will create a winning streak and can make you much more profitable later.

Tips and Strategy on Playing Texas Hold’em Poker

Tips and Strategies on How to Play Texas Holdem Poker Cards

Texas Holdem Poker Strategy

To be a great Texas Hold’em Poker player, you must be able to read/guess the enemy’s card, whether your enemy is just intimidating (bluffing) or they have strong cards. However, learning the basic rules and some basic Texas Hold’em Poker game strategies can also make you last longer in the Texas Holdem poker game.

Two Main Things You Must Remember

These two things are very basic in Texas poker, and players should always remember this, but many players forget about them because they get carried away in the game. So try to always remember these two things in the game of poker.

1. The pair of cards you hold is the only pair of cards that differentiates you from other players, and these cards can give you a chance/chance to win

2. All cards face up on the table (community cards) are cards that can be used by you and all other players. So, always be aware of the possibility of straights and flushes at other players.

First Pair of Cards (Starting Hands)

At the start of the game, usually, the first decision must be taken when you get two cards in hand. Then how do you determine if your card is good?

In general, conservative/frugal type players will consider folding if the two cards in hand both have a value below 10. People who are even more conservative will even fold if one of the cards has a value below 10. However, for that type of player aggressively may keep playing with any card, for example, an 8, 9 cards or a card of the same suit (the card has a possible straight or a flush)

if the big blind places the smallest bet or when no player raises, there may be nothing wrong with placing a bet (call) when the hand is not good enough to see the flop (the first three cards opened in the middle of the table). But don’t make too many calls when the card isn’t good, because it can cause addiction and continuity.

In the starting card strategy in Texas poker, you have to be able to practice patience when you get less good cards, such as 5-8, 2-6, 4-9. Because, in the end, you will definitely get a good card, and that’s when you can take advantage. This is much better than wasting chips just to bet on a bad hand


Texas Holdem Poker Strategy

A mistake that beginners often make is when they enter the flop (3 cards open on the table). Often players don’t want to fold when they see three cards on the table and think a better card will come out.

With seven players at the table, at least you have to get two pairs or a stronger card to win. If you don’t have a strong pair in hand after the flop, for example, a flop card: K-9-5 (then the strongest pair is the K pair), and if your card has no possibility of straight or flush, you should fold it.

However, you also have to remember that the fewer players who bet, the less likely a strong card will appear. So when there are only two or three players left at the table, playing with an aggressive strategy can also help you win.

If you are the first player to bet after the flop is out, don’t be afraid to check. This can be beneficial in two ways. First, if your card is not too strong, you may be able to see the next card without having to increase the stake. Second, if your card is strong, you can convince your opponent that it is as if your card is weaker than theirs.

Card Four and Card Five

In Texas poker, the fourth card and the fifth card that is dealt in the middle of the table are usually referred to as “The Turn” and “The River”. This fourth card and fifth card can give you two opportunities, namely the opportunity to get out of the bet (fold) before you lose all your bet money, or the opportunity to increase the bet so that the winnings can be bigger.

At this stage, there will usually be two or three players left in the bet. On this occasion, you must be more vigilant. After the fourth card comes out, don’t take part in the bet if you still haven’t found a strong card (expect a straight or flush on the fifth card) unless the player is raising, you may check (don’t increase the bet).

Even though at some point you should get a straight or a flush, the chance of getting a straight/flush is much smaller and very risky than folding / out of the bet.

So the point is to always be vigilant, don’t let yourself get dragged into big bets without a strong card.

However, at certain times if you have placed a bet as much as 40% of the total chips you have, then an additional 5% more chips for betting may still be possible. But again, to stay alert to the possibility you could lose.

5 Popular Gambling Games in South-East Asia

Gambling is an ancient game that has taken root in every society around the world. Even in Indonesia, gambling has existed since ancient times when kingdoms like Majapahit were still entering their heyday.

Even though it is known to violate the law, gambling games like this are still favored by people in Indonesia. Many of them think that the games they are playing are a tradition. Some consider this gambling game to be a tool to make money quickly.

Here are five popular gambling games in Indonesia!

1. Togel (Dark Lottery)

Togel Dark Lottery

Togel, or dark lottery, is a type of gambling that is liked by many people in Indonesia, especially those who live in Java. The system of this gambling is that gamblers can buy numbers consisting of 4 digits (As), three digits (Kop), and also two digits (tail). The bookie of this gambling will issue a four-digit number that will come out on certain days.

For example, on Thursday, the numbers 2585 are out. This means that the person who bought the numbers 85, 585, and 2585 won the prize. Every 1,000 rupiah of a lottery, for a tail, it can be around 60 thousand rupiahs, if the Kop is around 200 thousand, and if the As it is about 2 million rupiahs.

People in markets or urban areas usually have to ask to haunted places or interpret dreams to get the right number. Usually, every object, behavior, or natural sign can be interpreted in the lottery dream interpretation book. Wow!

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2. Cockfighting and Other Animals

Cock Fighting

Chicken has long been used as a pitted animal. Usually, when the chickens are fighting, people around them do the lottery. They will bet which chicken will win. If you win, it means that the money will fall on him. If you lose, a large amount of money will immediately disappear.

In Indonesia, cockfighting games exist in various cultures. But in the modern era, many people use this arena to make profits. Finally, the practice of fighting cocks or other animals is considered gambling and violates the law.

3. Dice Gambling

Gambling dice like in Las Vegas actually exists in Indonesia. But the place is not as luxurious as in America. In Indonesia, this dice game bookie usually likes to go around in big events such as night markets or puppets. They will sit in a dark place armed only with minimal lighting. If you see the light in the darkness of the field, they could be a dice bookie.

In some areas, this gambling is often called Otok. The person making a bet will pay a certain amount of money and then choose a number. Usually, a tool such as a ball is rolled to arrive at the selected number. If you fail several times, usually the dealer will give you a gift in the form of boiled eggs. Yes, at least even if you lose, there are souvenirs.

4. Card Gambling

In a big city, it is held in a nice and luxurious place. In the villages, card gambling usually takes a quiet place. Usually, the house is empty. In addition, they also often gamble at celebration venues. Usually, married, circumcised people or have just given birth hold a “depressing” event or don’t sleep all night to get blessings.

To get rid of fatigue; eventually, many of them gambled. They are starting by playing rummy to dominoes. Usually, the house will provide a drink and an empty glass in the middle. The person who wins the gamble will fill the glass as a contribution to the house owner.

5. Football Betting

The game of football is a sport that is very popular throughout the world, including in Indonesia. Lots of world-class or local leagues that are shown on TV. They will guess who won and who lost. Even complete with the score. Then came the name of soccer gambling.

People who gamble will usually pay a certain amount of money to the dealer. If in a soccer match the champion wins, he automatically wins.

Those are the five gambling games that are still widely practiced till today. Gambling such as lottery and card gambling seems to be difficult to eradicate. Because they really have taken root in Indonesia.

Card Games that Popular in Indonesia

Who doesn’t know the playing card game? This type of card that is very popular among card game lovers is indeed one of the most frequently used game tools, whether it’s just to spend free time with friends or to use for match contests. You can especially play playing card games on an Android cellphone so that it is more practical, be it offline or online.

With this playing card, you can play various types of card game variants such as Poker, Canasta, Blackjack, Casino, Solitaire, and Bridge. Well, for those of you who want a playing card game with a different experience, you can try one of the best playing card games below that you can play on your Android smartphone, be it online or offline.

Remi Indonesia (Online)

Kartu Remi Indonesia

You can make this Indonesian Remi game made by Boya as one of the best choices for playing cards. The online type game allows you to play with friends who are in separate places, even with a maximum of 4 players. The way to play Indonesian rummy also follows the international Rummy / Rummy rules, where each will get 7 to 10 cards depending on the number of players.

You are required to arrange these cards into a Straight Set (3 cards with the same number) or Flush (3 cards with consecutive numbers and the same symbol) in order to win the game. To be able to communicate and make the game even more exciting, a live chat feature is provided so that you can chat with your opponent during the game.
Not only will you get satisfaction when you win games with friends, but you can also win attractive prizes if you can win this online playing card game, such as credit prizes. For those of you who want to feel the excitement and collide with friends, this game of playing cards can be obtained for free through the Play Store.

Cangkulan Card (Online)

In Indonesia, this Cangkulan Card game is very familiar, and many have played it. To be able to play this Cangkulan Card, of course, you need players with a total of 2 to 4 people. Then what if you want to play Cangkulan Cards, but you don’t have a friend to play with? It’s easy, just play this Cangkulan Card on an Android smartphone, because this playing card game can be played online for up to 4 people at once.

The way to play this card game is still the same as what you usually play in other playing card games. Each person gets seven cards. Later, one of the players issues a card with a certain symbol and number. The other players follow suit by issuing cards of the same suit. If there isn’t, the player concerned is required to take a card on the deck until he finds the image in question. Easy right?

What’s interesting is, this game includes attractive prizes such as event prizes, credit, and merchandise. In addition, the appearance of the game is very attractive against a card table background like the one in Las Vegas. The best online card game is a must for you as a playing card game connoisseur to spend free time with friends.

Domino KiuKiu 99 (Online)

Domino Kiukiu

The other most popular game in the playing card genre played by the people of Indonesia is QiuQiu or 99. In the past, to play the QiuQiu game, playing cards and various other additional tools had to be available, but through this QiuQiu application, you only need to provide an Android cellphone and an internet connection to be online.
The rules for playing the QiuQiu playing card game are still the same. That is, you will be dealt with 2 or 4 cards. Your task is to find and add up the cards until you get a sum of 9 or close.

Domino QiuQiu 99 (Online)

If you want another QQ card game, you can try playing Domino QiuQiu 99 made by the game developer Top Fun. Broadly speaking, the game rules and features in this online playing card game are still the same as the QiuQiu game in the previous point. Likewise, with its features, where emoticons and interactive chat can be used to get acquainted and challenge other players. You can also find various exciting prizes in this playing card game on Android.

Rummy (Offline and Online)

Rummy Card

The last playing card game is Rummy by Eryod Soft, where you can play this game offline and online on your Android smartphone. Rummy can be played with 2 to 4 players. The gameplay is also attractive, accompanied by animated movements that offer a more exciting playing experience.

You can choose three types of games with different difficulty levels in this game, namely Beginner, Advanced, and Expert. For those of you who want to try the reliability in playing cards, of course, you can immediately try the Expert level.

So, those are some of the best playing card games on Android that you can play online and offline without an internet connection, but you have to download them first. If there are other recommendations for the same type of card game, don’t hesitate to comment, guys!

Best Slot Games for Android Users

There are five best Android slot games that you should try for those of you who like to play games to fill your spare time. Slot games are probably the most accessible casino games in the world. Slot games are very easy to play, easy to understand, and don’t require as much thought or strategy as most general games. You only need to turn the lever almost all because of luck.

Best Slot Games for Android

1. Hit it Rich Free Casino Slots

Hit It Rich

The first best slot game is Hit it Rich Free Casino Slots. In this slot game, you will find a variety of different themes that you can choose freely. Available themes such as Wizard of Oz, The Terminator, Duck Dynasty, Sex, and the City, and many other themes. Plus, you can connect to Facebook and send friends gifts like a regular Zynga game.

2. Players Paradise Casino Slots

Game Players Paradise has many options you can choose to play. This game has more unique names such as Legends of Egypt, Dragon Lines, Winning Wolf, and Thunder Cash. In total, there are two dozen slot games that you can play if you are feeling bored. Each game has its own unique theme and experience.

As with other games, there are other themed casino games designed to help you earn free credits so you can turn more levers.

3. Slots by Big Win Casino

Slots by Big Win Casino is one of the well-known slot games and has many options for players. There are more than 20 slot machines you can possibly choose in this game where players can try to play each slot.

The game’s developers have also promised that four additional slot machines will be added every month. This game has strange features, but it is fun to play and has a feature to play automatically.

4. Slots – Magic Wonderland

Magic in Worderland Slot

The next game is Slot – Magic Wonderland, which has many unique themes. There are more than 40 themed slot machines that you can enjoy, including seasonal and holiday themes. Unlike other common slot games, this game is actually can be played offline, so those without an internet connection can still enjoy it.

5. Samurai Casino

The last slot game is Samurai Casino. As the name implies, the theme of this game is about samurai in Japan. The features contained in this game are princess slots and dragon slots, so there are many variants like oriental slots theme.

For those of you who want something more than just a slot game, Samurai Casino offers video poker and blackjack for a full-featured casino experience.

Those are five slot games that can be played via Android. In the next article, maybe we will discuss about online gambling games specifically for iPhone users. Therefore, stay the first to update our interesting articles by signing up for our newsletter. Also, give your comments in the comments column about what gambling games you want to know so we can immediately review it!